How to Choose the Best App Monetization Platform for In-App Advertising

How to Choose the Best App Monetization Platform for In-App Advertising

In order to maximize in-app advert revenues, it pays to have the best app monetization platform in place.

But with quite a few selections on the market, how do you choose the best one for your app? How do you guarantee that a particular platform will usher in the best advertisers and most optimum earnings?

Before deciding on an selling reply, make sure to ask these 15 important questions.

1) Who Do Their Monetization Solutions Prioritize?

There are a complete lot of completely completely different players inside the mobile app selling ecosystem, from firm shopping for and promoting desks and demand-side platforms to third-party verification suppliers, supply-side platforms and everyone else in between. When it comes to priorities and core areas of focus, every might have barely completely completely different wants and wishes.

Ideally, an app monetization platform is primarily centered in your earnings and retention aims, nevertheless isn’t adversarial with the myriad completely different present chain players.

2) Do They Specialize in Mobile Devices and Apps, or Are They Device Agnostic?

Some monetization platforms intention to be a catch-all reply, encompassing web pages, apps and even digital billboards and associated television models. But as the outdated saying goes, “a jack of all trades is a master of none.”

In the digital selling space, there are important variations between web pages and apps – and even between mobile web and mobile apps. Often, it might be helpful to choose a confederate with deep expertise in your chosen realm.

3) Do They Work with All Kinds of Mobile Apps, or Just Specific Categories Like Mobile Games?

Again, it’s helpful to work with a monetization platform with expertise and experience that’s instantly related to your app and what you’re attempting to accomplish. Different types of apps are used very in any other case, and your chosen monetization confederate ought to perceive how to optimize selling for your specific wants and wishes.

For occasion, have in mind the variations between mobile video video games and utility apps (like apps for checking the local weather or website guests). Someone will most likely play a mobile recreation for at the very least a few minutes, whether or not or not on the couch or all through their observe or bus expertise. In distinction, any person makes use of a utility app merely to accomplish a particular course of, and certain is just in the app for a few seconds.

Your chosen monetization platform ought to provide you with the possibility to help your app run and income from solely the best commercials for you and clients’ app experience.

4) What Mobile Advertisers Do They Work With?

Before you are employed with a monetization platform, make sure you understand which advertisers they work with and what types of commercials will most likely be displaying up in your app. Will you be getting solely commercials from most important producers, or from new and rising corporations? An wonderful monetization reply ought to provide you with the possibility to provide you with this stage of oversight, administration and transparency.

It may even help to determine what these advertisers take into accounts your app and its clients. Are advertisers ready to spend better than common to attain your viewers, or do they concern about their commercials exhibiting subsequent to questionable or objectionable content material materials in your app?

5) What Ad Exchanges and Networks Do They Work With?

To truly entry selling demand at scale, you’ll most likely need an advert change or advert group inside your selling present chain. But not all exchanges and networks are alike. Some are very open and work on scale, whereas others are additional selective about who they work with and the manner they buy placements. Make sure you perceive precisely which networks and exchanges your monetization platform is expounded with sooner than you begin working with them.

And, to make sure the platform is true to their phrase and by no means allowing any unauthorized reselling to occur at any degree in the present chain, make sure to implement an app-ads.txt file. By serving as a pre-ordained itemizing, app-ads.txt specifies precisely who’s allowed to buy and place commercials in your app, serving to to protect nefarious train at bay.

6) What Ad Formats Do They Support?

While certain codecs like banner commercials and present commercials are every amongst the finest to insert into an in-app experience and amongst the hottest amongst advertisers, moreover they’ve just a few of the lowest per-impression costs. This means a lot much less potential earnings per advert positioned.

In distinction, additional immersive and interactive advert codecs like native commercials, rewarded video commercials and 360-degree video commercials with end enjoying playing cards current a considerably higher shopper experience alongside bigger advert prices. But, not every app monetization platform works properly with these additional immersive advert codecs.

Be sure to choose a confederate that will assist all of the advert codecs you’re using now and the ones you may be interested in leveraging in the future. It may assist to work with a platform that is constantly innovating, serving to to push forward new, attention-grabbing and immersive codecs as they flip into accessible.

7) How Do You Integrate With their Ad Servers?

Do they supply server-to-server connections for extra sensible testing and monitoring? Does the advert server sit on their aspect, or do they solely provide client-side web internet hosting? Or do they provide hybrid selections? Each one has its pluses and minuses, so make sure their integration selections suit your needs.

And, make sure you perceive how the integration is going on. API integrations are lighter and less complicated to mix, nevertheless SDK integrations can be less complicated and further sturdy.

8) Do They Offer a Mediation Platform or Solution?

Depending on the scale you’re looking at and the amount of earnings you’d like to usher in, you may want to work with dozens of assorted advert sources – and associated SDKs. Many apps might have between 15 and 18 advert group/change SDKs in place.

If you’re looking at this sort of scale, then it might be helpful to have a mediation reply in place. A mediation platform consolidates all of these completely completely different SDKs and sources of demand into one single SDK. Not solely will this make your app lighter and sooner, nevertheless it ought to moreover forestall time; instead of logging into dozens of assorted packages on daily basis to observe progress, you’ll solely need one dashboard to see your complete key selling and advert earnings information.

9) How Long Have They Been in Business? Are They Profitable?

While the mobile selling and app monetization space is complete pretty nascent, it might truly nonetheless be helpful to see how prolonged they’ve been in enterprise and in the event that they’re on safe financial flooring. While a startup or new enterprise can ship a lot to the desk, the last you want is to be left extreme and dry ought to your core monetization platform exit of enterprise.

10) How Do They Determine What Ads to Serve?

These are very essential questions that you simply simply need to have thorough and full options to sooner than working with any monetization platform. Without this notion, you may uncover the app web internet hosting poor prime quality commercials or failing to current full value to advertiser companions.

In the overwhelming majority of conditions, the advert group or change will determine who amongst the advertisers they work with is interested in working commercials to specific varieties of consumers. But, in the deciding on of the specific winner amongst many potential suitors, points can get a bit of inauspicious.

In situations whereby a variety of producers want to promote to your app clients, the logical choice may be to have all of them compete in a real-time public sale after which the highest bidder wins. But, it’s not all the time as simple as that.

Many choices and platforms use what’s referred to as a waterfall. Under such a system, completely completely different sources of selling demand are positioned in sequential order. The first provide will get preliminary dibs on all potential selling alternatives. Anything they are going to’t or obtained’t declare is launched to the subsequent selection in the predetermined chain. This daisy chain continues until the alternative passes or until all selections are claimed.

While waterfalls are nonetheless pretty frequent, they don’t seem to be optimum for app publishers and builders since they constantly lead to latency, suboptimal advert fill prices and reduce per-impression prices for commercials.

A mobile advert public sale, nonetheless, ideally options comparable to one on eBay or at Sotheby’s. Everyone will get the an identical probability to compete all at the an identical time, and the highest bidder wins.

11) What Auction Mechanics Do They Use?

While auctions have gotten additional frequent in the world of in-app selling, not all auctions perform beneath the an identical tips. The fundamental public sale is what’s referred to as a First Price Auction, nevertheless not all auctions work that method.

For a really very long time, Second Price Auctions have been frequent in digital selling. Under such a state of affairs, the highest bidder solely pays one cent better than the second-highest bidder. So if one advertiser bids $10 and one different bids $7, then the worthwhile bidder would solely end up paying $7.01 for the alternative to promote inside your app.

This isn’t the solely selection on the market each. Some monetization platforms will use Bid Shading, which makes an try to break up the distinction between the finish results of a First Price Auction and a Second Price Auction.

The sort of public sale mechanic used can dramatically affect the complete worth an advertiser pays to run commercials in your app. Considering how this can dramatically impression earnings, it behooves you to know precisely the mechanics and packages in place in a attainable monetization platform.

12) Do They Use Historical or Real-Time Ad Pricing?

Not all monetization platforms are prepared to use real-time, in-the-moment prices of their advert serving mechanisms, leaving them reliant on historic prices. Historic pricing is easier to decide, nevertheless just because an advertiser was ready to pay one worth for an selling alternative yesterday doesn’t indicate they’re ready to pay the an identical worth proper this second.

13) Do They Offer Any Cross Promotion Opportunities for User Acquisition? Can They Help Expand Your Audience Network?

In the mobile app world, shopper acquisition is a limitless uphill wrestle. The best apps on no account sit on their laurels, they usually’re all the time striving to every develop their viewers and better please their present clients.

Sometimes, the an identical platform that helps you monetize your app through selling may even present assist to buy additional clients through selling. While such synergy is certainly not the main issue to look out for, it might truly present enormously useful down the avenue nonetheless.

14) Do They Offer Any Dedicated Customer Support?

Chances are good that eventually all through the lifespan of your app, a problem will come up or a serious conundrum will emerge. During this proverbial fork in the avenue, the place will you flip for help?

Many monetization platforms are merely that: a platform, and nothing else as well as to that. Unless you’ll have important in-house expertise and technical acumen on in-app selling and app monetization, it’s most likely you’ll revenue from devoted assist from a particular choices provider.

But how do you identify merely how environment friendly their purchaser assist teams may be as quickly as the contract is signed? Including uptime and assist into the particulars of the deal can be helpful. Be sure moreover to strive peer critiques to see what completely different app publishers and builders have to say.

15) Do They Offer In-App Header Bidding?

By allowing a variety of sources of demand to immediately and quickly compete in the direction of each other for the privilege of working commercials in the direction of your clients, you can too make extra cash and provide a additional seamless shopper experience. According to our 2018 in-app header bidding survey, the know-how is confirmed to every enhance earnings and scale back advert load cases.

When reviewing a monetization, make sure to do your due diligence as a result of it relates to in-app header bidding. Do they’ve their very personal header bidding wrapper, or are they participating in the unified auctions facilitated by others? How many demand-side companions are part of the header bidding reply, and at what degree in the waterfall are these auctions occurring? Make sure the header bidding reply can be seamlessly utilized inside your app, that it’s aggregating demand from most important advertisers and that auctions occur as early on as potential.

16) What Are Their Plans for the Future? How Are They Pushing the Industry Forward?

The mobile selling space strikes quickly. Trends come and go, and new utilized sciences emerge at breakneck velocity and disrupt enterprise as common.

During the consideration a part of the platform search, try to glean as so much information as potential about every how they see the commerce evolving and what they significantly are doing to push the ecosystem in a path they assume is additional helpful and productive.

Are you in alignment with them on their proposed path and push? Ideally, you’re not working with a monetization platform for just a few months, so make sure you’re on the an identical internet web page as them for the future as well as to the present.

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