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15 Best Google AdSense Plugins For WordPress To Show Ads Effectively



15 Best Google AdSense Plugins For WordPress To Show Ads Effectively

Google AdSense is the pit stop of the blogging process. It gives us energy by fueling the blog or by generating periodic revenues. There are plenty of small-scale blogs in the cyber world and their number increases each day. Some people may wonder, how these sites actually survive without any dedicated ads, sponsorship and compete with top sites effectively.

Google AdSense is the answer. It is easy to use and ensures a regular income for the bloggers. You can easily insert ad codes in the blog and show ads in header, sidebar or within the content where most likely you will get maximum impressions and clicks.

If you are a WordPress user, you will get several Google AdSense plugins to effectively show ads in different parts of the blog. They are customizable based on various factors and can be handled even by the beginners without any issues.

Best Google AdSense Plugins for WordPress

“Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you. This helps me to cover the blog maintenance expenses. Thanks for your reading and support.”

In this article, we pick 15 best Google AdSense plugins for a WordPress website.

1. Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is one of the popular Google AdSense plugins for WordPress. The codes can be inserted anywhere on the site with options to hide them from specific pages and devices. You can show ads by shortcode, calling PHP functions or from plugin settings. It offers many more features in the pro version.

2. AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

This is a fantastic plugin to quickly insert advertisement codes into your website. It gives you full control over the visibility and position of ads which can be shown anywhere on the posts. The plugin will work with shortcode, PHP function, quick tag and settings panel.

Wp-Insert is one of the top-rated Google AdSense plugins for WP. Google ads can be easily placed anywhere on the site using its simple interface or codes. It can be used to control the visibility of ads on various conditions like logged in users, device type, page type and locations.

The plugin is enough brilliant to guide you on settings that best suits to your ad network. What’s else?

Track your website visitors by inserting Google Analytics code in Wp-Insert > Tracking codes > Google Analytics. Generating pages with a copyright notice, privacy policy, disclaimer are other tools which make it one of the essential plugins for a WordPress site.

4. WP Ad-Monetizer

WP Ad-Manager is one of the premium Google AdSense plugins from CodeCanyon. It is highly customizable and lets you show ads in all or selected countries, all or selected posts, all or selected pages, all or selected category pages and so on. It will also monitor your ads in different ad blocks and inform you how many impressions or clicks they received.

5. WP Simple Adsense Insertion

It is another simple plugin for AdSense as the name indicates. You can use it to show ads on posts, pages and sidebar widgets on WordPress. It will work either with a shortcode or calling a PHP function from the theme file.

6. Insert Post Ads

As you know, post ads will generate more revenue than other ad slots like header ads, sidebar ads, etc. This plugin will insert your Google AdSense codes inside the contents and you can decide where to show them- before the content, after the content, after a specified number of paragraphs. Insert Post Ads is a simple, easy to use plugin and its setup takes just a few moments.

AdRotate is one of the simple Google AdSense plugins for WordPress. It allows you to create, manage and even sell ad spots on your website.

With this plugin, you are able to track the number of impressions or clicks each advt receives and manage them effectively according to its statistics. It helps you to monitor campaigns and analyze which ad group generates maximum revenue for you. What’s making it unique is that here you can schedule campaigns to start, end or show only on particular days. It is very useful if you have plans to add seasonal advertisements of third-party advertisers.

8. Meks Easy Ads Widget

Meks Easy Ads Widget is another plugin to add Google AdSense codes in WordPress. Using the plugin, you can create widgets in customized sizes with support to mobile devices. Those ads will come with auto-rotate and random order features.

It also allows you to set a nofollow attribute to all ad links and set them to open in the same or new window. The ads will automatically rotate after a number of views or page loads that you set. The rotate option is suitable for your image-based ads and it will give a fresh look to your advertisement section.

9. WP PRO Advertising System

WP Pro is an all in one solution for all your advertising needs on WordPress. It features more than 18 display options including popup, background, layered ads to choose from. Visual banner creator is another advantage of the plugin, with which you can create a responsive banner of any type and size.

With detailed statistics, you will get an idea about how the campaign works and can make modifications to get maximum earnings. Newsletter ads, Slider ads, Video player, and Adblocker are some other features of this premium plugin. You can buy it for $29.

10. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is a free plugin to show all types of advertisements in WordPress. Even a basic user can create, manage ads without any trouble by its step by step instructions.

It has options to set alignment, a margin for your ads and enabling/disabling it from certain pages or newsletters. If you are not interested in showing them to the logged-in users or want to hide them by device type, Advanced Ads is the right choice. The plugin has many more features, which is beneficial to monetize your blog.

11. Pro Google Adsense Tools Plugin for WordPress

Pro Google Adsense Tools is another monetization plugin for WordPress. It lets you check the ad reports with page views per ad, number of clicks and your account balance, etc right from the WordPress dashboard.

It is also useful to get information about location-wise visitors. You can buy this plugin for $20 from CodeCanyon.

Quick Adsense is one of the best Google AdSense plugins. It lets you create up to 10 ad slots and show them on different parts of the page. The ads can be excluded from the specific pages, page types, categories or hide them if the user logged in to WordPress.

13. WordPress Ad-Manager

WordPress Ad-Manager is a widely used plugin solution to implement, manage various types of ads and get statistics on them. Here you can place two types of ads- Image-Ads and HTML snippets. It provides detailed statistics on each ad with the help of a graphical chart to inform you how they work.

Ad Manager is available for $21.

14. Google AdSense by BestWebSoft

Google AdSense by BestWebSoft is a great alternative to the official AdSense plugin. It offers powerful options to manage ads on different parts of the site including home page, posts, pages, categories, tags, search results, and widgets. Determine which placement is more beneficial to you and configure ad positions according to your experiments or results.

15. Ads Pro Plugin

Ads Pro is another best of premium Google AdSense plugins. It is fully customizable and provides tons of options to create and control ads effectively.

Ads Pro features more than 25 responsive templates and 20 display options for using in the site. Image optimization, Google fonts integration, show/hide ads with various filters, Geo-targeting, scheduling are some other awesome features of the plugin.

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